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I've started working on content for the book again. Here's a warm up build that I did to get ready! I've recorded the entire process as a test so I'll be editing and uploading that soon. Click through to see the original model.


Imperial Knight Crusader [Freedom]

Finished this guy. Pretty happy with it, but I'm so over painting Imperial Knights now! The Warlord will be a challenge... Anyway, here's some pictures for your viewing pleasure. I always love the photography stage, I forget as I've not shot anything since my Acheron. Might try and do some little builds to get more photography practice in. 


Servants Of The Machine God [Necromunda Instant Paint Job Tutorial]

I cobbled these together to play Necromunda with. My first time making any kind of custom miniature, so I'm pretty pleased with the result. They perform really nicely in the game as well! 

I got given a box of the new Skitarii Rangers for my birthday last year, and instead of just straight up building them I though they'd make a great base for a Van Saar gang. The idea is that they're a cut off group of Van Saar gangers that got a bit too attached to their technology and started worshipping it.


Imperial Knight [Freedom] WIP1

I've just finished this guy too. I'm just about to do the final photo shoot with my new setup, but for now here's some WIP photos. Exact same process as the other two Knights, and the same process I'll be using on my Warlord

Warlord Titan WIP1

So I got hold of one of these second hand, I left it for a while but I decided to start putting it together. I'm actually doing loads of creative stuff at the moment, but it never seems to make it to the Blog for some reason! I think I'm getting a bit lazy. Gotta snap out of it.

As with all resin kits I've worked on, there was lots of cleaning up left to do, and some parts I had to use a hair dryer to warp back into shape. Saying that, overall the cast is VERY good. Though you'd expect nothing less for the price!


Necron Army Progress Part 2 - Overlord & Immortals

Here's where I'm at with my Overlord and Immortals. I'm grouping them together in this post because I painted them around the same time. I've got a Doomsday Ark, Warriors and some Tomb Blades on the go, as well as some Deathmarks which puts the force comfortably around 1250 points with gear, which I probably won't exceed.


Necron Army Progress Part 1 - Canoptek Harvest

I started these a while back and I've been taking loads of photos for Instagram but I never got round to compiling them all together and showing my progress. I went through all of my photos and put them into categories - turns out I've taken over 150 progress pictures without really realising! 



In October last year I had the pleasure of travelling from the South of Vietnam to the North with three friends over two weeks. We only managed to visit 5 places, but we did an awful lot of cool stuff and met some fantastic people along the way. Every place was completely different, too.

Not my work! This was one of the models on display as Saigon Modeller Workshop.


Gama Industries

More Blog down time... Been working on lots of different stuff and drawing as much as I can. Freelance work gets in the way a lot, but I've been working on my book which is really shaping up. Will post as much progress as I can in the coming months, but the book is taking priority for now in between work.

Here's a couple of sketches I've been working on. Got lots in sketch books but I can't seem to be able to spend the time getting them to the next level. I'll keep working on my technique and style though! Click read more to see rough sketches. 



Apologies for down time - I've been away for the last month! Will be posting pics from my trip, it was incredible! For now here's some old artwork...

This was the result of the competition I ran over on Instagram, where people had to give me up to ten word descriptions of robots they wanted me to draw for them, and then my students voted on three winners. This is the first winner, and the description was as follows:

'Junkbot made from random parts of cars appliances etc.''

And this is what I drew. These prints are available from my Etsy Shop - head over there now! More prints available soon.

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