Warlord Titan WIP 2

I've been working on my Titan on and off for the past 6 months. I left it alone for a bit because the clean up was doing my head in, but one day I decided to just get on with it and I'm glad I did! The legs are looking great and I'm really happy with the colour scheme.

I'm using the same process as my Imperial Knights, but I've added some steps because of the size of the kit, it'll end up looking a bit flat if I use the exact same process.


ZBrush Helmet Sketch

Started messing around with Zbrush - want to learn it properly! This is a Dynamesh sketch that I've animated and rendered 4 different materials in 3DS Max. Then I've masked between the material passes and painted over the whole lot in Photoshop. I actually sculpted the head on this one too, learning more about faces.


Factory Worker

I took the time to finish this guy quickly this week. I'd had the model and renders lying around for a bit but didn't do anything with them for a while. Really happy with how he's turned out. Got some ideas of things I want to do in the future, but working on my portfolio right now! 


Number 47

First in a series of race ships I'm doing to practice my rendering skills. Really satisfying to push something from a sketch to a finished thing.


Inktober 2016

Here's what I got up to for Inktober this year! It was tough and I really tried to get out of my comfort zone but I think I learned a lot. There are some really bad drawings in here but it was worth it for the couple of drawings I'm super pleased with. Really need to get better at inking and rendering. And Design! Onwards and upwards...



This is the final competition winner for my 3333 follower Instagram competition from a couple of years ago. Tim won with his suggestion to draw his Hummingbird Zeta GundamThe problem was Tim hadn't finished the build at the time so I said I'd owe it to him. He contacted me earlier this year to say it was done and I finally got round to doing the drawing. I'm really pleased with how it turned out!



More artwork for the book. This was my old Blackout Kitbash that I just chopped up and made into a new scene, though you probably can't tell. Learned loads from this, hopefully it's my segue into doing full scenes as opposed to just isolated designs!  


Recharge Bot

I've started working on content for the book again. Here's a warm up build that I did to get ready! I've recorded the entire process as a test so I'll be editing and uploading that soon. Click through to see the original model.


Imperial Knight Crusader [Freedom]

Finished this guy. Pretty happy with it, but I'm so over painting Imperial Knights now! The Warlord will be a challenge... Anyway, here's some pictures for your viewing pleasure. I always love the photography stage, I forget as I've not shot anything since my Acheron. Might try and do some little builds to get more photography practice in. 


Servants Of The Machine God [Necromunda Instant Paint Job Tutorial]

I cobbled these together to play Necromunda with. My first time making any kind of custom miniature, so I'm pretty pleased with the result. They perform really nicely in the game as well! 

I got given a box of the new Skitarii Rangers for my birthday last year, and instead of just straight up building them I though they'd make a great base for a Van Saar gang. The idea is that they're a cut off group of Van Saar gangers that got a bit too attached to their technology and started worshipping it.
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