1/60 PG Strike Freedom Snapfit Completed

Just finished the snapfit of my PG Strike Freedom, which is horrendously big (check out the pint glass next to it in the pic). It's very complicated in it's workings, in some cases a bit too complicated.. It's going to lead to a lot of problems whilst I'm painting it, and I can see it getting easily scratched when it is painted - not something you want to happen when you've just finished painting 55 runners worth of parts! Also, the decals you get are stickers, which I hear suck, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that.

So anyway, I might leave this until I've completed a few other kits and have learned a bit more about painting/ assembly. 
On another note I need to figure out how to make galleries for completed models, not got the hang of this Blogger thing yet. Hopefully going to put a list down the side of some sort to link to some galleries etc. It's not important.

As we're making to-do lists, my flat is very yellow, I deffinetly need to sort out a decent photography set up.

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