1/60 PG Strike Freedom

My PG Strike Freedom came! FEDEX from Japan in 5 days.. More than I can say for Parcelforce, still waiting for my package 3 weeks after shipping..
Anyway, This model is bloody huge, wasn't quite prepared for how big it actually is. Here are some pics from the snapfit before I figure out how to paint the thing. 

Might leave the gold frame as is and just paint the panels and details, as I can really see the frame getting hideously scratched as you try to pose it, there are so many moving parts in the frame. 

I'll post more pics as I progress, but I really want to get a bit better at painting before I even think about touching this thing with paint (it was £220...!) 
Also, excuse the terrible iPhone photos - I'm in the market for a new camera, though I'm going to wait until the sales in January....

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