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I've started a Blog! This is mainly for my benefit (so I can say I have a Blog) as I really can't imagine anyone will pay perticularly much attention to my ramblings. It's a sort of sketch book I suppose, hopefully I'll be able to see my progress as I learn new stuff (and learn to draw different things apart from robots). I'll also probably post my modeling and Gunpla stuff, also I'll use it to complain about things. Well, one thing at the moment - Parcelforce. They are truly useless and I hate them. Currently waiting for my MG Unicorn and my MG Deathscythe to be delivered..

Image is something I did a while ago for work, I used it for the test post but I'll leave it because I still quite like it.

Hopefully someone will be able to appreciate how nice my blog is and how well I've designed it.

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