Armoured Drone Concept

My first stab at digital painting! 

I'm not perticularly happy with the design anymore, this was a line drawing I did on paper last year. It was handy to have something ready to go in Photoshop so I could concentrate on rendering it rather than trying to design something from scratch.

I rendered it with default photoshop brushes in greyscale, as I'm still working on my understanding of 'Value', then just did a gradient on 'Colour' layer mode to pop it off the page. 

I'm pretty pleased with it for a first ever go at digital painting, but there are lots of things that  I can see wrong. For me the pose seems a bit off and the design a bit messy, although it is a sort of 'junk' bot, not all sleek and stylish and new so I suppose it could fit. The right leg also looks a bit stupid, I can't seem to get it right!

Anyhoo - More to come, going to try and get a lot more of this stuff knocked out so I can get better, but it's hard with a full time job to put the time in.


  1. I like the design. Nice coloring too.

  2. Thanks! I do loads of stuff like this on paper, so more coming soon. Stay tuned!


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