New Camera Experiments

A bit of a detour from what I planned this blog for, but here are some landscapes I shot whilst trying out the manual settings on my new camera. 

I'm kind of going for dark and moody, but some of them are maybe a bit dark. Above and first two are sunset on Brighton beach, shot at iso400 1/250 f3.6 at on my kit lense. Last two are sunrise on the top of the hill on my way to the train station, shot at about 1/125 iso400. All manual, I don't want to get into a bad habit of doing 'auto' photos all the time, as I feel there's no artistic input!

On a side note - There is more stuff coming, I just get no time to practice and make finished things to post up. Maybe I'll have to start posting more works in progress, though I couldn't post anything that someone else more experienced hasn't posted up a thousand times before.

Just for myself - Things to come are:

Digital Painting progress/ concepts.
Wing Zero Custom Ver. Gav progress.
Numerous completed dry-builds & colour concepts.

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