Park In The Sun

Went to Preston Park on the bankholiday weekend just gone, and had a bit of a play with my 50mm f1.7 prime that I got from a second hand shop a while ago. These are all at about f2.0 and the lens is a Manual focus. The photograph of the girl is my beautiful fiance Hannah. And her Muffin.


The Engineer Line Work

So I forgot about this for a while because I just couldn't get the perspective of the legs to look right, but then I came up with the idea to use a blocked out 3D framework to get the pose, angle and perspective roughed out so I could concentrate on the design. I know this is cheating a bit but until I get a bit better at drawing it does the job. I think I only had problems because of the four almost identicle legs, anything less complicated I can draw freehand, so I'm not a complete retard.


Stalker Drone 129

Second digital concept painting.. Again just used an old line drawing and started to render it with values at first, then working in the light direction then using textures and grunge to give it the look I like to go for. I'd like to get to a point where I can just paint digitally without having to rely in linework, but it's just concept art for now until I get a bit more confident! This is only my second peice of finished work to be fair.


West Pier Blue

Same day but with different white balance. Thought they deserved their own post as they don't match the other set.


West Pier

Spent the afternoon on the beach on Saturday to watch the sun go down, as you don't often see the sun in England... I took my camera and shot some pictures with my kit lense. In my opinion, the West Pier is one of the most beautiful structures along the south coast, one of my favourite places to be in Brighton (much more pleasent if the weather is warm, mind).

1/100 MG Wing Zero Custom Progress

Just thought I'd up some progress of my Wing Zero, as currently it's in progress posts are a bit pitiful (due to the fact I'm very bad at taking in progress photographs...)


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