1/100 MG Wing Zero Custom Progress

Just thought I'd up some progress of my Wing Zero, as currently it's in progress posts are a bit pitiful (due to the fact I'm very bad at taking in progress photographs...)


So here it is as it stands at the moment. Headless, handless, wingless and weaponless. I've got something special planned for the weapon, though I stupidly didn't photograph any of it's construction, so you'll have to wait until I post finished pictures.

Here it is before I assembled the torso and arms (note to self - paint on pegs doesn't make for a good fit...)

As I mentioned before, the model kit was a bit old and broken from falling of shelves and things when I used to display it all those years ago. As such, the V-fin was snapped on one side, so I've used part of the spare fin you get with the Unicorn Gundam (post to come). Very minor mod, but should deffinetly reflect the oversized weapon I've built for him.

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