The Engineer Line Work

So I forgot about this for a while because I just couldn't get the perspective of the legs to look right, but then I came up with the idea to use a blocked out 3D framework to get the pose, angle and perspective roughed out so I could concentrate on the design. I know this is cheating a bit but until I get a bit better at drawing it does the job. I think I only had problems because of the four almost identicle legs, anything less complicated I can draw freehand, so I'm not a complete retard.

Another thing to note is that this is the first thing I've drawn on Photoshop without a pencil line drawing to go over. Not that I'll be forgetting pencil drawing completley, as I love it dearly, but in this case it was quicker to do it on PS.

So what I did was knocked the 3D framework back and started to rough out a silhouette, then once the silhouette was starting to take shape I went in with the line and started designing. As I pushed the drawing further with line, I went back in and refined the silhouette to keep it up to date with the line. Obviously the silhouette you see here is the final one, I didn't think it was important enough to record the one I had at the start of the drawing.

I was going to refine the linework after this first pass, but as I went on I kinda liked the looseness of the first pass, so I've kept it like this. I'll bring out the details in the rendering.

Next step is rendering and really seperating out those elements, as there is a lot going on.

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