Stalker Drone 129

Second digital concept painting.. Again just used an old line drawing and started to render it with values at first, then working in the light direction then using textures and grunge to give it the look I like to go for. I'd like to get to a point where I can just paint digitally without having to rely in linework, but it's just concept art for now until I get a bit more confident! This is only my second peice of finished work to be fair.

Also, I've worked out a few new methods of idea generation that I'll detail in a future post. I get a mental block quite a lot after getting back from work late etc. (hence the rendering of old line work, not new concepts). So I'm trying to find ways of getting motivated and coming up with ideas.

Also, need to learn to paint in colour, at the moment I render in greyscale and do a colour overlay. Not sure if that's an acceptable substitute for being retarded with colour...

On one last note, Feng Zhu Design's Blog/ Youtube channel is the most useful and comprehensive free resource for learning how to paint digitally that I've managed to come across. Seriously check it out.

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