The Engineer

So I finished rendering this thing.. I tried out putting in a light source to add contrast in the colours but I think it came out too cloudy.

I decided I need to step up my game a bit on the painting front.. I'm learning painting well enough and it's helping doing these, but I can't help but feel the process is a bit slow, due to work constraints etc. Part of that problem is knowing what to draw and worrying about lighting etc. (which I'm still not particularly good at). So I'm going to start painting from life, and trying to make things as fast as possible, not fussing too much over details.

Also, just caught Feng Zhu's latest Design Cinema, and he seems to think that concept stuff should come in groups of two or more to show you can create designs as a part of a set, or show you can come up with multiple designs of the same brief. So from now on I'll try to be a lot more fluid with my concept stuff - lots of ideas but stressing myself out too much about the rendering.

All that to come anyway - and as ever, every painting is a new learning experience.

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