1/60 Broken Blade Eltemus Progress

So I got this cheap off HLJ, really liked the design of it, especially the legs and the torso. The arms are a bit boxy and the head is a bit big for my liking, but it was like £12, so I can't complain. I've decided to use this for my first go at weathering, namely the infamous hairspray technique. As it was a bit of a test piece I decided to not mod it and just crack on with painting it.

I absolutely suck at remembering to take WIP photos, so this is a bit farther on in the process.

Basically there's a warm grey coat over the primer, followed by random sprays of various reddish brown tones to create a rust effect.

Then comes the hairspray (Tesco own brand, 79p!) and a sprinkle of salt to break up the surface. Too much hairspray will cock the next step up good and proper, as I found out.

Grey paint to brighten the yellow coat up.

Yellow coat.

The trouble with all this was that because I didn't let the hairspray dry properly on the top half (the legs and pelvis came out a treat, I did those first) I ended up putting too many layers of paint over it to cover up the different shades. The result of this was that the paint didn't flake off very nicely and created a completely different effect to the bottom half of the model. I had to work into it with a bamboo skewer and literally draw in the detail to try and make it match the bottom. The hairspray technique is really satisfying, and as you can see I went a bit over the top with it.

I then waited for all this to dry and put the first oil coat, using rust colours, blue, black and a bit of grey-green. Windsor and Newton and some MIG 502 Abteilung oil paints. The overall grime coat really helped knock back the scratches and tie the whole model together after the cock up with the hairspray on the torso. I didn't photograph this step, which was stupid. The following photos are post oil wash.

Next I need to paint in the rust and oil streaks over the overall grime coat.

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