The Knight - Process

So I thought I'd post up how I went from thumbnail to finished concept painting. I'm still new to all this myself, so I'm still refining my own process and style, but this is how I got through this one.


1/100 MG Freedom Progress

In my effort to document progress more frequently, here's a small update for some of the small mods for the Freedom.

Some holes to put a bit of detail into the panels, I saw something like this on a MG Unicorn on HKML.com. Mine is obviously less impressive but it's a nice idea. Going to be subtle with it, it's easy to go a bit mad with the pin-drill vice. 


The Knight

Another robot type thing. I didn't want it to literally have a horse like a Knight, so I tried to incorporate something in to give that impression without going with the generic centaur look.

I might post the sketches that led up to this drawing, because it's interesting to see it go from thumbnail to final idea. I do need to speed up doing this stuff to be honest..

I really want to get into doing full on paintings but I need to practice more. There's no time!
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