1/100 MG Freedom Progress

In my effort to document progress more frequently, here's a small update for some of the small mods for the Freedom.

Some holes to put a bit of detail into the panels, I saw something like this on a MG Unicorn on HKML.com. Mine is obviously less impressive but it's a nice idea. Going to be subtle with it, it's easy to go a bit mad with the pin-drill vice. 

Added extra plates to the shield - I personally think the shield for the Freedom is fugly. It really could do with looking more like the Strike shield, so I've shaped it a bit with pla-plates and filler. Might do some more mods to the panels on the front, but I think the shape is there.

I decided to take the red bit off the middle, it wasn't really making the shape I wanted. I notched out some of the plastic on the shield to make a nicer shape, and separated out the front panel, removing the viewing slot. I'm much happier with this shape, and I think with the colours it's going to stand out much more than the original shield.

Changed the shape of the gun a bit. Didn't like the gun much so I thought I'd make it a bit chunkier by cutting the barrel and moving it, and making a new casing from pla-plate. I'll detail this up more later.

I made effort to paint some details on the internals for this model. I used those Citadel metallic paints, which go on really nicely. I'll definitely be getting some more of those for hand brushing. Apparently they airbrush well but I haven't tried that yet.

I think they add depth to the model, will be doing this from now on! Sorry for grainy pics, high ISO on my camera because of the low light. getting towards Winter now, so no daylight when I get home from work!  That's all for now, the top half is all skewered up ready for priming.

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