1/100 MG Strike Rouge Progress

Small update with the Strike - I really wish I'd taken more in progress pics of the metallic internals as I'm dead happy with how it turned out. I love hand painting the details with Citadel metallics and the oil paint wash is so satisfying to do. 

So the internals are done, and I've done the white on the armour. Need to hand paint the Magenta, as Vallejo don't do a magenta this bright in their Model Air range. The Model Air colours produce a fantastic finish and they're pretty resistant to scratches even without top coating. The Vallejo spray can primer I'm using is also fantastic. It smells a lot more than Tamiya primer, but you get more for your money and it levels out brilliantly.


1/100 MG Double Zeta Progress

Sorry for the very sub-standard post. There is literally no good place to quickly and easily take nice WIP photos of my projects. At the moment I've got crappy under exposed blurry pictures because our flat is always dark and I don't have a proper desk to work at - what you see in all my WIP photos is our coffee table in the lounge, which is a lot of the time very difficult to work at.

Luckily (I say that lightly!) we've just been given two months notice to get out of our flat, so we have to find somewhere else to live. So we're taking the opportunity to upgrade in size so I can have a proper modelling desk and a permanent spray booth. At the moment I have to get my crappy booth out and set up all the ducting every time I want to do some spraying, so I don't get as much done in a week as I could if I had a proper work space.


2012 - The Plan

2011 was a pretty encouraging year. I won the European Gunpla Cup in the Straight Build Painted category over at the MAC Forums with my Sinanju, which was my first ever model, so that was pretty awesome. I've been getting some great feedback from the guys over there about my modelling work which is a real confidence boost. I've learned a hell of a lot with the models I've produced in 2011, but I know there's so many things I haven't tried and need to learn. I'm making two entries to the MAC forums 2012 Competition, which will really push me to step up my game and do stuff I've never done before.

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