1/100 MG Double Zeta Progress

Sorry for the very sub-standard post. There is literally no good place to quickly and easily take nice WIP photos of my projects. At the moment I've got crappy under exposed blurry pictures because our flat is always dark and I don't have a proper desk to work at - what you see in all my WIP photos is our coffee table in the lounge, which is a lot of the time very difficult to work at.

Luckily (I say that lightly!) we've just been given two months notice to get out of our flat, so we have to find somewhere else to live. So we're taking the opportunity to upgrade in size so I can have a proper modelling desk and a permanent spray booth. At the moment I have to get my crappy booth out and set up all the ducting every time I want to do some spraying, so I don't get as much done in a week as I could if I had a proper work space.

Anyway, enough moaning - I got given this MG Double Zeta by Hannah for our first Christmas together (damn right I'm marrying her!). Those where the days where I snap fitted and left to gather dust. I've decided to get it out and do a bit of modding on it and a nice paint job for my display case.

It's a tricky model as it doesn't have an inner frame like a lot of the new ones, so it was a bit overwhelming at first, but I've separated everything out and had it apart so many times over the past week that I kind of know it a bit better now.
So the first thing I decided was that I didn't want it to transform into a plane anymore, so I took those burners out of the knees and mounted them on the back of the leg using some of the extra bits that came with the model to display the little plane. I also extended the feet to give them a bit more attitude, I think these kits look better like that (excuse the blu-tac on some of the parts, it's a great way to hold parts together to see what they look like). I also filled in the holes in the side of the legs as it wasn't transforming anymore I thought they looked a bit odd, I'll detail them up later.

I cut the torso apart to make it slimmer, exaggerating the proportions of the model a bit more. I wanted to make the top of the torso more angular so I removed the vent things and plated over the top of it, I'll build up some detail in it later, but I'm happy with the shape for now.

Here's a rudimentary bit of pla-plating to extend the front skirt bits. It looks untidy at the moment, but I find it easier to get the shape, then sand and filler the hell out of it later to make it good. It's also good to cut two of something before you glue it together so you can do the other side. In the last pic you can see I've bulked up the armour on the front to give it all more shape. This will be tidied later!

At present this kit remains very untidy and very unfinished. I'm shelving this project whilst I compete in the MAC 2012 Mecha Competition, as there's a lot of work to do in the six month time limit. I've got a massive project planned with my Sazabi (WIP to come) which I'm entering into the Modified Plastic category, and I'm entering my MG Unicorn into the Out-Of-The-Box Painted category (I forgot how damned complicated that model is).

I also have to finish my Strike Rouge....

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