1/100 MG Strike Rouge Progress

Small update with the Strike - I really wish I'd taken more in progress pics of the metallic internals as I'm dead happy with how it turned out. I love hand painting the details with Citadel metallics and the oil paint wash is so satisfying to do. 

So the internals are done, and I've done the white on the armour. Need to hand paint the Magenta, as Vallejo don't do a magenta this bright in their Model Air range. The Model Air colours produce a fantastic finish and they're pretty resistant to scratches even without top coating. The Vallejo spray can primer I'm using is also fantastic. It smells a lot more than Tamiya primer, but you get more for your money and it levels out brilliantly.

The Vallejo Paints do kind of work straight through my airbrush, but I have to spray them at 30 PSI, any lower and they spit everywhere. I may try thinning them with distilled water. The metallic for the internals was especially bad for this, it separated in the bottle too quickly so there where some patches of dark and light where the paint was coming out different from one minute to the next. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but I'll have to practice a bit more maybe.

I need to paint the grey, the Citadel Warlock Purple (which I'm going to try and airbrush, thinned with Windex, as I've heard this works well - will post results!), and I'm also going to post shade the whole lot with Tamiya Smoke. Let's hope it's easier than everyone says it is....

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