2012 - The Plan

2011 was a pretty encouraging year. I won the European Gunpla Cup in the Straight Build Painted category over at the MAC Forums with my Sinanju, which was my first ever model, so that was pretty awesome. I've been getting some great feedback from the guys over there about my modelling work which is a real confidence boost. I've learned a hell of a lot with the models I've produced in 2011, but I know there's so many things I haven't tried and need to learn. I'm making two entries to the MAC forums 2012 Competition, which will really push me to step up my game and do stuff I've never done before.

In 2012 I will be making a hell of a lot more effort to record my WIPS as I'm trying a lot more stuff with my kits. MG Double Zeta wip to follow shortly! 

I've become quite comfortable using Photoshop for painting although I don't feel I've produced enough drawing work this year, so I'm really going to try and focus on that in 2012. I need to get better at rendering different materials, I need to do a lot more research on how light works. Most of all I need to paint and draw a lot more than I am already. Going to be getting on this big time in 2012. My goal is to be able to paint whole paintings, not just concept stuff. Get story and narrative into images, I love that kind of stuff.

I also want to pay more attention to my sketch book work. So I'll try and post more hand drawn stuff, finished to a proper standard.

Photography is still important to me, though in the future photo shoots may be more about reference pictures, or starting points for matte paintings.

All in all starting this blog was a really good idea. I don't feel I've done enough but I can see progress and it really helps to get feedback and page hits. Hope to really improve the blog in the year to come.

Happy New Year!

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