Animated Soldier - Scout Type

I've not been able to do much recently, with moving house and all - just getting back into the swing of things! Here's a quick painting I've been doing of an old sketch I did a while back (the old sketch is in the bottom right of the picture).

I'm pretty pleased with this, because although it's quite loose and sketchy I painted it straight in colour, which I actually prefer to starting out in grey scale I think. My other colour images I've been painting in greys and overlaying a colour gradient - I think painting straight in colour is a lot more satisfying. It took a lot less time than the other paintings I've done, too.

I've not progressed past characters on grey backgrounds yet, but I'll get there. There's a few more of these to come - he's part of a group of units: Heavy type, standard type, flying type etc. Sazbi update coming this weekend too!

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