iPad Sketches 01

So I found it frustrating to have to sit in front of the computer to paint, so my progress has been a bit slow recently as I've been working a lot this year. But the iPad has allowed me to just whip it out and start sketching wherever I want, a real bonus when you have no time. I can imagine some people would say 'what's wrong with pen and paper', but this is really something else - being able to practice composition, colour and lighting and stuff not sat at a desk is really handy, I wouldn't have pushed myself to start landscape stuff if I didn't have the iPad.

Anyway, I started using Procreate for the ipad, it's £2.99 and has ZERO BRUSH LAG. Which is absolutely amazing, I can't work with brush lag.. The stock brushes are lovely, and the way it blends and stuff is really nice. It has layers and you can paint on a canvas up to 1920 pixels across, which is awesome on the retina display. It has no brightness and contrast etc. but you can get free Photoshop app that does that, you just have to export your picture as a jpeg. You can also import jpegs and paint on top of them, which is where the clouds come from in a couple of the images.

These aren't finished pictures by any means, but I think I'll improve a lot faster being able to sketch wherever I want. I'm just using atmospheric perspective and some pretty shoddy forms, but I'm going to try and paint from life to improve my lighting.

Also, I have a bunch of training DVD's and reference/inspiration images on there as well which is really helpful when painting.

Sazabi update in a couple of days!

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