My Recent Acquisitions - 1/60 PG RX 78-2

This was half price (ish) on HLJ.com and I had to get it. I don't know why but I really love the design of this classic Gundam. I used to hate it but it's really grown on me - Mainly since I saw Sori Kim's version! His painting is just stunning and it really opened my eyes to what you can do with such a deceptively 'basic' looking model. I won't be using the same colour scheme but I really hope to replicate the weathering style.


My Recent Acquisitions - 1/100 Garbaldy

I've been a big fan of Kallamity's work for a while now, but his models have always been far out of my reach. Whether it was the limited availability or the high prices of the models, there was always a reason I couldn't get hold of one. I was browsing the website longingly, as I have a habit of doing, and I noticed that he only had 12 of the 2nd Run 1/100 Garbaldy's left. I originally wanted a Briegel as most people do, but the more I looked at it the more the Garbaldy grew on me. I didn't have the money at the time, so I emailed Luca to ask if he'd accept a deposit to secure one of the remaining models - it actually turns out he had 8 left, not 12, and he hadn't been able to update the website.


My Recent Acquisitions - 1/60 G-System Zaku II

Not being able to paint or model to any meaningful extent, I thought I'd have to put modelling aside for the foreseeable future until we found a place to live. But seem to keep acquiring models to add to my long list of things I can't wait to get to work on when I get a new modelling space. I'm pretty sick of looking at the boxes piled up in the corner of the room we're staying in, so I decided to get them all out and take some photos to show you guys what I'll be getting up to in the future.

The first of these models is my lovely G-System Zaku II that I won in the Mecha 2012 competition with my Sazabi.


Venice (Belated)

So we went to Venice for our honeymoon in August - Posting these a bit later but its been a bit manic since we got back! To be honest I thought I took more nice photos but I guess I was having too much fun to worry about taking photos. You should really go to Venice if you haven't been there, it's really lovely.

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