My Recent Acquisitions - 1/60 G-System Zaku II

Not being able to paint or model to any meaningful extent, I thought I'd have to put modelling aside for the foreseeable future until we found a place to live. But seem to keep acquiring models to add to my long list of things I can't wait to get to work on when I get a new modelling space. I'm pretty sick of looking at the boxes piled up in the corner of the room we're staying in, so I decided to get them all out and take some photos to show you guys what I'll be getting up to in the future.

The first of these models is my lovely G-System Zaku II that I won in the Mecha 2012 competition with my Sazabi.
As you can see, Matt Mrozek, the kind gentleman who donated this incredible prize, signed the box - which is really cool and sets my Zaku far apart from all the other G-System Zakus.

The kit comes with metal thruster parts and decals, which is very helpful. I've never used metal parts before so I'm looking forward to seeing how they are to work with. Do I paint them or leave them metal!? It is a nice effect but I'm not sure it will work with the weathering I'll do on this kit. There is also a CD with nice photos of the kit and some postcards. G-System really go to town with the contents of their boxes.

I've not unwrapped anything yet as just the sheer quantity of parts frightens me, and I don't want to lose track of anything. It's not like injections kits where everything's on runners with little numbers! I can see this will be a challenge to put together. 

I've taken some photos of the parts with a 50p, just to try and show scale. I just cannot believe how big this thing is! It's going to be a monster when I eventually get round to building it. There's a cool little checklist thing that shows it went out with all the parts. I'm really impressed with the level of care G-System put into their kits. It will no doubt be a slow process, so I'm going to post a really detailed WIP with my thoughts about the kit and the problems I run into as I go. Hopefully!

There are a couple more significant kits that I have been able to get hold of that I really want to share. I'll try and get the next one up tomorrow!

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