Merry Christmas!

Bit of a short one!

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas! And also share the awesome present Hannah got me which I will have to push to somewhere near the top of the backlog queue just because it is so cool. I'd like to present my brand spanking new 1/100 MG Qubeley Mk2:

It is a very unusual design but I really like it. There are a lot of large plain surfaces which may need breaking up a bit with some panel lining and maybe some cut-outs. I'll be looking at Toymaker's Qubeley as inspiration. 

Just for my own benefit - things in the pipeline are:

1/100 MG Strike Rouge is very close to being completed - been working on it this week. May have some WIP to post.
1/100 MG Double Zeta is almost built, I'll be priming and sanding soon, WIPs to come. 
1/60 G-System Zaku has some build progress - WIPs to follow soon.
1/100 Garbaldy is in progress. I'll take some photos when it's worth showing off!

Next things I'll be working on after completing the MG ZZ and the MG Strike Rouge are:
1/100 MG Astray Red Frame
1/100 MG Unicorn x2 - one psycho frame and one normal
1/100 MG Qubeley.

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