2012 - In Review/ 2013 - The Plan

2012 was a rubbish year - apart from getting married and winning Mecha 2012! I'm pleased with winning the competition but it consumed 7 months of the year so there really wasn't a lot of time to do anything else. With the false starts in my personal life on accommodation and employment (both of which seem to have sorted themselves out now, thankfully) I didn't make as much progress as I'd have liked. 

Reading back on my 2012 aims that I wrote at the start of last year I'm impressed I managed to hit some of those objectives despite having a tough year. I've definitely started documenting my WIPs a bit better, though I'm getting a new lens for my camera soon so I can take better photos.

Now it's a new year and a new plan - I want to get 5 models done this year at least, and one has to be resin and one has to be a perfect grade. I feel that forcing myself to do something else apart from MG 1/100 models will expand my skills further and force me to learn more than I learned last year. I'm just wondering if my Strike Rouge counts towards one of these five, as it's nearly done and will be posted in a couple of weeks!

I also neglected my photography a bit last year. I'm going to get out and about a bit more and try to develop my photography skills. 

I'm pleased with my digital painting progress, I've started getting the hang of using photos as reference and inspiration to start paintings. I must start painting environments as that's where all my ideas are, but I really don't have the confidence yet. Looking back on those iPad paintings I did a while back is a bit embarrassing!

This is a bit of a belated post - I've been skiing this month (photos to follow), but a Happy New Year to everyone nevertheless. Here's to a more productive year!

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