1/60 PG Strike Freedom [Icarus Variant] WIP1

Oh look, it's a Perfect Grade Strike Freedom that stands up on its own without that horrible base it comes with!

Just a quick one this time. I had a random brainwave about my long forgotten PG Strike Freedom. I think it's probably because I bought a PG Strike Rouge, which has so much sexy detail on it I wanted to have another look over my Strike Freedom to compare. Considering how expensive the SF is compared to the Strike, it really doesn't have the same level of detail in it and there's a lot of blank empty armour panels. Saying that though, it is still a very nicely proportioned model and I think it has potential.

I had put this away once I had snap fitted it because I wasn't sure I had the skill to tackle it as the inner frame was quite daunting at the time. Also, the wings with those dragoons really put me off as the stupid thing doesn't stand up on its own with them all attached, and they just randomly pop off because for some reason they're all spring loaded. Painting them was going to be an arse and I really didn't think they looked that good.

So I had this brainwave of having this light and nimble looking Strike Freedom with a smaller lighter jump pack using the existing dragoons. I had a bit of a play around and I settled with this configuration, using all of the existing connections and shapes so 1) it still looks like part of the kit and 2) so it all fits together without too much cocking about making new joints. Its only the start of what I have planned but it's a good solid shape as a base to add loads of detail into.

Next to come is my MG Kampfer for the Mecha Lounge Group Build. I had a brainwave for that too, but I'll outline that in a later post....

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