Sideswipe Paint Over

So it's taken a bit of time but I think I've finally gotten somewhere with this Maquette paintover thing I started a while ago. It was a lot harder than I expected it to be, partly because I had a shallow depth of focus in the image so a lot of the shapes where blurred out. I also had to add things like the belly pan to make the shape work because as I worked into the image I realised that the design wasn't working in its original form. 

The front has completely changed, because those 4 headlamp things looked too much like eyes and I couldn't get away from that once I saw it! I've tried to unify the whole thing and make it look like a whole vehicle and not a mish-mash of parts by adding panels and connecting some of the original parts. I'll try and do a WIP soon, mainly because it was an interesting process for me and one I learned a lot from. I'll also be posting up my next one of these, which started life as a fairly detailed Blackout helicopter. Stay tuned!

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