Rhino Unit - Custom Brush Abstractions 01

I was messing around with some custom brushes I found (Steambot Structural Brushes) and started seeing shapes and designs emerge after putting down a couple of strokes. Here's the first one I've sort of rendered - it's still a bit abstract but I could easily use this information to draw a 3/4 view with legs or however else it moves.

Click Read more to see the progression! 
The original Abstraction:

I've done hundreds of these abstractions - it's just a case of clicking a few strokes on a brush and screenshotting the bit you like as its own composition. I did these on my Macbook Pro so I could just grab the part I wanted (Shift+Cmd+4) instead of having to grab the whole screen and then crop in Photoshop. It keeps the process nice and fluid and the ideas fresh! 

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