Angry Man - ZBrush Practice

I'm not that great at ZBrush yet, I've only just started using it, but I have owned a copy for about 6 months and never got round to playing with it. It's such a fantastic bit of software, I find it much more intuitive than 3DS Max.

What I've done here is sculpted a really rough shape in ZBRush, which with my limited knowledge took around 30 mins. I then decimated it and took it into Keyshot to render out a couple of different materials to put together in Photoshop. I've used that as a base to paint over. I really like utilising 3D as a part of my workflow, it enables me to get ideas out really quickly without worrying if my perspective is off or whatever. 

Hope the work in progress is helpful! I'll hopefully be suing zbrush a lot in the future. Also, this is the first project that I've done completely on my Macbook Pro, just switching between Windows and OSX with bootcamp. Very satisfied.

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