PG 1/60 RX 78-2 WIP5

Nearly done! Next are the hands and the weapons. This is just a picture update really but the next and last WIP will be a tutorial on how I have painted this kit, as there have been some requests on here and over on Instagram. Go check out my Instagram by the way, it's @gavinmanners. That's where will my WIPS go as I do them, I'll consolidate them into posts when I get to a milestone. Enjoy!


Maquette Building 03

I managed to accumilate quite a lot of 1:72 tank kits from Revell. I think they were going cheap in Model Zone before it got shut down. I've been mocking up some shapes with all the different parts and this is the first thing I've come up with. More to follow! As I've mentioned before with Maquette Building, it's very satisfying and you can get results very quickly.

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