My New Facebook Page

I done a Facebook page and that.

FACEBOOK - Mr. Gav: Creations

Rather than just jumping on the bandwagon, I thought having a Facebook page would be a good way to encourage me to produce more work, to have a place to post up progress and get instant feedback, just like my Instagram. The difference being the Facebook page is going to be a good place to post up things that inspire me, and also my reference photos that I like to draw from and give me ideas, in the hope that this will help other people who are interested in the same stuff as me. It might also encourage me to make more tutorials like my RX Weathering Process post. 

See what you think anyway! 

Cheers ;)


Flamer Guy

This was a  really rough sketch that I decided to work up to a line drawing and then I just added a wash of colour - nothing fancy. I've been playing around with proportions a lot recently, I'm liking the whole top heavy thing. See below for the sketch and line drawing!

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