Merry Christmas From Brighton

Hove beach, about 30 second from my house, Christmas Eve. I can't remember what I was doing (probably last minute Christmas shopping), there was a beautiful quality to the sunlight coming from the seafront from behind the buildings, so I decided to grab my camera and go take some photos with my fisheye lens. It was a bit chilly, but glad I went.

Merry Christmas everyone ;)


Maquette Building 04

More 1:72 tank parts. And some Helicopter parts in this one too. Since completing this kitbash I've gone a bit mental and bought a tonne of old kits to build from. This stuff is addictive! I'm going to try and turn this design into a 1:35 to cast into resin kits for a little collaboration that might happen. I'll keep quiet for now though.... Stay tuned.


Jumping Thing

Finally got round to getting a bit of Photoshop done on this kitbash. Nothing new, just photos and textures and paint over, just trying out a different technique for lighting. 

Below is the original photo.

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