In October last year I had the pleasure of travelling from the South of Vietnam to the North with three friends over two weeks. We only managed to visit 5 places, but we did an awful lot of cool stuff and met some fantastic people along the way. Every place was completely different, too.

Not my work! This was one of the models on display as Saigon Modeller Workshop.

Ho Chi Minh
One of the best things we experienced was when the guys from Saigon Modellers met us from the airport and took us out to dinner/ drinks. The next day we were shown around their workshop and I was kindly given a RG Strike Gundam as a gift. I did a little painting demo of how to quickly paint miniatures with basic shading and highlighting. They then showed us around the city, with things like the old American city hall and the war museum.

I also got the chance to sign my Sazabi (these were the guys that bought it a few years ago), and it was great to see it in the flesh again. I honestly can't believe what a great experience we had in this city, and all because of painting little plastic robots! Such a great community and I hope in the future to meet much more of my modelling companions from all around the world.

Nha Trang
Nha Trang is a seaside resort kind of place. Lots of Russians come here for their holidays I'm told! This was the most isolating place we visited because there were not many people around due to it being out of season, though we did see some fantastic things. The adventure theme park island was brilliant, though suitably tacky!

Hoi An
Hoi An was one of the most beautiful places we visited on the trip. Lots of ancient architecture and really friendly people! We got clothes made at one of the world famous tailors.

Halong Bay
Upon arrival at Hanoi, we slept one night and got straight on a bus the next morning to go out to Halong Bay. We stayed one night on a luxury pleasure boat with lots of other tourists. Met some great people and the bay is just something else. The photographs don't really do it justice but it was astonishingly beautiful.

Hanoi was by far my favourite city on the trip. Really lively, a great mix of lots of different kinds of people, a real backpacker's city with loads of local culture everywhere. Couldn't imagine a better place to end the trip. Also, go stay at See You At Lily's if you ever go there. Really great hostel in the centre of the city, super friendly and helpful.

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