Mecha 2012 - 1/100 MG Sazabi Ver. Gav [Project Hades] Completed

Holy Shit-Bananas. 

Well, here it is. The 1/100 MG Sazabi [Hades Pattern], my entry for Mecha 2012 over at the Mecha Lounge.

It almost didn't happen. I nearly gave up so many times when things just weren't going my way. One such instance about 5 weeks ago when I started painting - I used the wrong type of salt in the salt & hairspray technique and because I was in a rush I didn't test the salt on one piece first the entire paint job was completely covered in huge salty white splotches forcing me to strip the whole model and start again.


Strider Mech

A sketch I have been working on on my iPad. I finally got round to getting it on my computer today - cleaned and detailed in Photoshop, which took about an hour. This was a concept I quickly thought up for an entry into the Concept/ Scratch Build Category of the Mecha 2012 competition, though I never got the time to start building it. I've not been able to do a whole lot of drawing recently due to trying to finish my Sazabi in time, my all consuming job, and my impending wedding next month, but I'm very happy with how confident I'm becoming with shading and highlighting.

On another note - Sazabi is nearly done....... It will be done in time for the end of the competition this month, but I don't think I have the time to take in progress shots so the next time you see it will be the submission photos. Exciting! 
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