Imperial Knight [Truth]

Got round to shooting this. Really happy with how it's turned out, can't wait to paint the other two. Might not do extensive WIPs for them as I just want to get them done, but I'll see how I feel. Also, go check out and follow Brighton War Council, our new gaming group. It's gonna be big! Currently just figuring out the kind of stuff we want to get up on the blog but there's some great stuff going on over there already.


Imperial Knight [Truth] WIP2

Here's the second part of my Imperial Knight work in progress. With all the base colours and decals done, it was all looking a bit too clean so I started bashing it up a bit with some weathering! I wanted to retain that classic wargaming look of highlighted edges but wanted it to look a bit battered and bruised like it's in the middle of a campaign. I took techniques I used on my RX and my Garbaldy and also techniques I used to paint my Deathwing Terminators.



Got round to finishing off this 3D Studio Max kitbash. Again, I've used Vitaly Bugarov's Black Phoenix kit. Super fun playing around with these parts, wish I had a bit more time to make stuff like this! I will say, it is more time consuming than sketching, but you get the 360 degree view around the model, which is really fun. 

Imperial Knight [Truth] WIP1

I've had an Imperial Knight kicking around for about a year now, and I've just not done anything with it. If I'm honest, it's because I've had so many other cool projects to work on, I just put it to the back of the queue. That is until we were having one of our Brighton War Council (check out the blog!) beer nights (meet up in a pub, drink beer and talk about Warhammer 40K and painting!) and we got talking about the Forge World Knights that they do. I was just blown away by these models, they look so cool, and I've got a lot more confidence with resin since working on the Garbaldy.

I thought it would be such an awesome idea for an army to have a few normal Knights and then one of these FW monsters heading up the Detachment. I always struggle with the normal sized miniatures, they take an age to paint, and this seemed like a perfect way for me to get an army together so I can start fielding my own stuff at our BWC gaming events.
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