Mobile Gun Emplacement

Another mech type thing - nothing special, although I am becoming more confident in rendering in Photoshop. This took no time at all really, just took an old sketch and rendered it using the methods I've learned over at Feng Zhu's Design CinemaI'll keep sketching and messing about like this, but I think the whole grey background concept stuff is a bit limited. My new years resolution will be to really focus on my painting and to learn anatomy and environments and put all I know about composition and perspective etc. to good use. I also really need to get better at working out how light works and stuff like that. I really don't draw enough at the moment.

The idea is that this thing gets up on two legs an can run forward at speed, then it drops back onto its supporting legs when it needs to fire, becoming a gun emplacement. I'll draw a little sequence to explain this at some point. Below is the original sketch, it's a bit basic but it gave me what I needed for the render.


1/100 MG Freedom Gundam Ver. Gav

UPDATE 14.12.11: - Featured on DC23 Mecharts.com!

This was an old model that I had kicking around from when I was 17, much like my Wing Zero Custom! It was really satisfying breathing life into this old model. It didn't take too long compared to my other models, but that's because I didn't do anything drastic and I've learnt a lot from previous builds. 

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