Servants Of The Machine God [Necromunda Instant Paint Job Tutorial]

I cobbled these together to play Necromunda with. My first time making any kind of custom miniature, so I'm pretty pleased with the result. They perform really nicely in the game as well! 

I got given a box of the new Skitarii Rangers for my birthday last year, and instead of just straight up building them I though they'd make a great base for a Van Saar gang. The idea is that they're a cut off group of Van Saar gangers that got a bit too attached to their technology and started worshipping it.
For the 4 gangers I used Skitarii Ranger legs, torso and head, but made sure to remove anything that was too techy. They're still underhive gangers, afterall. I used Cadian arms and accessories to give them grenades and pouches etc. I cut down the Skitarii rifles to make two shotguns, and used two Lasguns from the Cadians box. 

The base of the heavies are Forge World Myrmidon Secutors. Got them cheap off a mate as I thought they'd be perfect for a ganger with a few more implants and bulkier build. Necron arms for standard (and slightly crude) robotic limbs and Imperial Guard weapons too. Grenade launcher made from parts in the Cadian box and the Heavy stubber made from a tank heavy stubber.

The Leader is this Forge World tech priest I bought about 12 years ago because I wanted something from Forge World but couldn't afford anything else! It's been sitting around waiting for me to do something with it! Simple arm swap, green stuff to replace the part of the cloak I had to cut away and I replaced the tech tool thing with a chain sword spear type thing. The great thing about Necromunda is that you can get super interpretive with the weapons - 'counts as' sort of thing.

So to the main point of this post - the paint. I got these painted from start to finish in a single day. They turned out better than I could have expected and they fit perfectly into the grimy underhive look!

I start with a black base coat and an ivory spray top down to give some depth, then spray a base coat of rusty red. These colours don't end up showing through but I'm always an advocate of layering up to add depth, and I was just making this up as I went along based on how I paint my robots.

The only other colour I airbrush is the white fabric. After that I roughly hand paint the Leadbelcher metallic (leave some of the red showing through), brown for the leather coats (I like the thick leather coat look, but they're noticeably different than the cloth fabric of the heavies and leader so I went with a different colour instead of trying to make them look the same.), black for the weapons and hand paint on the hazard stripes with a small brush (I have steady hands!)

Then literally just slosh AK Streaking Grime over the whole lot with a big brush, and leave to dry.

When dry, I used a cotton bud to gently wipe away the excess. This takes a bit of time, but if done correctly it adds great colour variation and depth, and a great dirty underhive feel. It works absolute wonders on metallics!

When that's done I use Ultramarine blue to pick out lenses, plasma power packs and any other details that need a highlight colour. I went a little bit further and added AK Engine Oil Effects to add a bit more dirtiness and also texture variation - it dries glossy.

And that's that! Whole gang painted in a day. I used this same technique to paint an entire Dark Eldar army in just over a week, I'll write a separate post about that later. 

Really pleased with the result, and they look great on the table. I've got an idea for an Escher gang that I want to start at some point, but not until some other things are finished off! 

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