Quick sketch based on the shapes in that kitbash I did a while ago with all the tank parts. I've been struggling with ideas recently so it was good to go back and look at these models for inspiration. After all that's why I build them, but it's easy to forget when sitting down to draw.


1/144 Linebarrels Of Iron - Vardant [SANDSTONE]

This was a mental health build in between all my big projects! I bought this from FitchenFoo a couple of years ago and forgot all about it until recently. It took a couple of weeks on and off, I'm really pleased with the result. There are some mistakes due to me rushing a bit, but I'm really pleased with how the shading turned out. Post shading on a 1/144 this small was a challenge to say the least. 


PG 1/60 RX 78-2 Weathering Process

As requested, here's every step I took to achieve the weathering look for my RX 78-2. The weathering on the shield is a bit heavier than the rest of the kit, but I figured that the shield is what will be taking the heavy hits, hence the couple of big scratch marks I've put on it. Hopefully this is clear, I'll go into as much detail as I can, but if there are any questions just post them in the comments.

Without further ado...
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