Genestealer Cult [Commission]

Finished this Genestealer cult commission. Had a blast painting them, such cool models! Same idea as before - speed and low price point, just get them on the battlefield. Really pleased with how these came out. Contact me on g.manners@hotmail.com if you want me to paint your army for you. 


I made a charging dock for my recharge bot :) More scenes in the works, really enjoying this new jump in my abilities. Always learning! Not toooo happy with this one, but I'm glad I finished it, I almost gave up. Interiors without a 3D Underlay are HARD.


Canyon Pass

I've been working on my portfolio loads recently, and I've finally worked out how to do scene paintings :/ Here's my first full colour painting, inspired by my trip to Morocco this year, and featuring a very old Kitbash that I never did anything with. More of these to come! Also working on an exciting animation project that I can't talk about, but that's ramping up my skills too.

Also painting a Genesteler Cult for a commission, and I've got my custom Escher gang on the go. Also the titan is coming along, slowly but surely! 

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