Imperial Knight Acheron [Honour]

Finished this bad boy. Very happy with how it's turned out, and I think I've done a better job than on my [Truth]. Learned a lot from these two builds, and now I'm desperate to do a Warlord Titan with all my new knowledge! Post is pic heavy...


Imperial Knight Acheron [Honour] WIP 1 & Gav's Update

Hey guys! I thought I'd post small Gav update along with my Knight progress. I've been doing lots of modelling recently, my Garbaldy is almost done, the Acheron is getting there, I've got a couple of kitbashes on the go and I've also made a dent in my 1000pt Necron army. I also want to start either my 1/100 Metal Gear Rex or my 1/60 PG Strike Rouge (or finish off my Strike Freedom). Excitingly, I've also possibly got a commission in the pipeline for the gargantuan Warlord Titan from Forge World. There's simply no time for all of the fun! Especially with all of the drawing I'm doing at the moment. I'm glad it's summer though, it's shaping up to be a good one so far.

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