Imperial Knight Acheron [Honour] WIP 1 & Gav's Update

Hey guys! I thought I'd post small Gav update along with my Knight progress. I've been doing lots of modelling recently, my Garbaldy is almost done, the Acheron is getting there, I've got a couple of kitbashes on the go and I've also made a dent in my 1000pt Necron army. I also want to start either my 1/100 Metal Gear Rex or my 1/60 PG Strike Rouge (or finish off my Strike Freedom). Excitingly, I've also possibly got a commission in the pipeline for the gargantuan Warlord Titan from Forge World. There's simply no time for all of the fun! Especially with all of the drawing I'm doing at the moment. I'm glad it's summer though, it's shaping up to be a good one so far.

The reason for neglecting the blog a bit? I think that it's just quite a lot more effort to post things on here with having to pick and resize the photos and get them into the right order, and I've gotten lazy recently I think! Instagram is just so much quicker to get stuff out there, though obviously it's not the same quality and quantity as the blog. I'll be getting back up to speed with posting here as it's served me well over the last couple of years and is one of the main reasons I've progressed as an artist. I've always said from the beginning that the sole reason for a blog was to have a place to post work and to encourage me to produce more and improve. It's great that you guys and gals come here to check out my tutorials and progress posts, and also my ramblings! 

I've got a few ideas of things I want to start doing for the future. Someone on Instagram asked about mech drawing tutorials. There are plenty of people on the internet that are far more qualified to give advice than I am, and there are many resources available from some fantastic designers and artists. Saying that, I think it would help me to lay out my thought process and my design ideas in a format that can be read by other people. So look out for that at some point this year. 

I'm also in the process of building an online store to sell finished models and prints, this will also encourage me to become better and produce better work. I may also set up a commission page for the website in case anyone wants me to do anything for them. The Instagram competition that I ran recently taught me that it's really great fun designing to a brief that someone else has set, so I would also be open to building/ designing stuff/ producing artwork on a custom basis. Also I want to look into drawing videos, a bit like Jake Parker's over on YouTube, but that's a way off yet! 

For now here's where I'm at with my Imperial Knight Acheron [Honour] from Forge World, which will be the Baron of my three Knight detachment, of which [Truth] was the first. The process is exactly the same as [Truth], so I won't explain what I did as I've already gone over it in detail in the tutorials section.

Such a great feeling opening these sorts of packages!

I always start with the base, then glue the feet/ legs to the base. I find models much easier to paint when objects are grouped into large sub assemblies. I get really bogged down with hundreds of parts knocking around on skewers!

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