Skitarii / Ultramarines

I've taken on a few commissions recently, and I've figured out a pretty decent way of painting large quantities of models fairly quickly. Here's some examples. The Skitarii are mine, and the Ultramarines are for a client. 

I think I'm going to offer a 'Tabletop Standard' painting service, that gets the customer a tabletop standard paint job (i.e. basic, but tidy and cost effective), with a fast turnaround and a low price point. Probably need to get together some more examples and get some more commissions finished first but I think it's something that would be really handy for people that want to just get stuff painted to play. Anyway, more on that later - here's the stuff I've been working on.


Jump Racer 'Concept' Sculpt

Here's how the Zbrush concept sculpt is looking at the moment. I worked out all the joints and volumes in 3DS Max, then took into Zbrush to start to work into the shapes using Dynamesh. I believe creating a rough mesh and working out the forms in Dynamesh is called 'concept sculpting'! I've learned loads about Zbrush in the last week or two, really keen to push this to the next level. On to refinement! 


Jump Racer Blockout Turntables

Made a quick 3D model to push the design of the Jump Racer forwards a bit. Bit of an exciting development regarding this project that I will divulge a bit later on when things become a bit more concrete! For now, here's the turntable poses.

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