Warlord Titan WIP 2

I've been working on my Titan on and off for the past 6 months. I left it alone for a bit because the clean up was doing my head in, but one day I decided to just get on with it and I'm glad I did! The legs are looking great and I'm really happy with the colour scheme.

I'm using the same process as my Imperial Knights, but I've added some steps because of the size of the kit, it'll end up looking a bit flat if I use the exact same process.

I started by undercoating the whole lot in Chaos Black, which is Citadel's spray can undercoat. I like it, it's really hard wearing and covers really evenly. I then built up two stages of base colour (as opposed to the single stage used on the Knights) in order to give more depth to the large surfaces. It created a nice base for the Grey Green that went on top. The dark brown is Vallejo Game Air Burnt Umber and the second stage was Vallejo Game Air Mud Brown.

Next comes the IJN Grey Green from Tamiya. Because I had a nice layering of pre-shading base coats I didn't need to highlight this colour up as I normally would for a model this big. I had to be really careful with the application and keep checking the pieces against each other to check the tone was consistent - which was quite tricky! I'll need to refer to the photos and memories of 6 or 7 months ago when I'm doing the upper torso and arms :/ 

After that I masked off areas to be painted in red, and then masked off stripes to be painted in white. 

Then the usual process of hand painting all the metallics. And I mean ALL the metallics, the internals were all hand painted in Ledbelcher with a rather large brush! Details picked out in the Warplock Bronze as with the Knights, and the trim is Runelord Brass.

Same as before, I've used AK Streaking Grime over the Ledbelcher, and in the panel lines of the armour panels. I had to do one leg at a time because I didn't want to risk getting burnt out with the wiping away and end up leaving the grime too long and not being able to get it off. The panels are so large that I made a special effort to control how I wiped away the grime, creating a post shading effect. It also warms up the Grey Green and brings the base colours through, tying it all together.

I used the Forge World Titan decal sheet for this build, but stupidly I didn't gloss the surface enough before applying the decals so I got this terrible silvering behind all of them. See the 'MARS' decal below. The 'T' looked like this too but it didn't show in the photo.This bugged me for months, no amount of MicroSol did anything to solve the issue! I ended up biting the bullet and just custom mixing the colour from some citadel paints to match the silvered area to get rid of it. Super pleased with how it turned out, I've pretty much matched it exactly - and I had to do different mixes for each area depending on how bright the colour beneath way! Very tricky but it worked a treat.

Recently I've started the chipping colour and all the highlighting. The internals are highlighted using Mythril Silver (Mail Breaker?) as before, but with the panels I wanted to break up the surfaces a bit more because they're so large. So I went for bits of chipping and scratches, but also cracks in the paint and stuff like that. I've used a three stage highlight and applied it around the panels using different tones for different areas depending on how light the paint underneath is. I've used AK Rust streaks over the top, and I'm still deciding wether I'm going to post shade any of it. You can see in the photos below that the silvering issue has been resolved.

Just one leg down at present but I'll get started on the other leg this week. I've also finished patching up the torso, so that's ready for undercoat and painting too. Thanks for checking out the progress, until next time! 

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