Merry Christmas From Brighton

Hove beach, about 30 second from my house, Christmas Eve. I can't remember what I was doing (probably last minute Christmas shopping), there was a beautiful quality to the sunlight coming from the seafront from behind the buildings, so I decided to grab my camera and go take some photos with my fisheye lens. It was a bit chilly, but glad I went.

Merry Christmas everyone ;)


Maquette Building 04

More 1:72 tank parts. And some Helicopter parts in this one too. Since completing this kitbash I've gone a bit mental and bought a tonne of old kits to build from. This stuff is addictive! I'm going to try and turn this design into a 1:35 to cast into resin kits for a little collaboration that might happen. I'll keep quiet for now though.... Stay tuned.


Jumping Thing

Finally got round to getting a bit of Photoshop done on this kitbash. Nothing new, just photos and textures and paint over, just trying out a different technique for lighting. 

Below is the original photo.


My New Facebook Page

I done a Facebook page and that.

FACEBOOK - Mr. Gav: Creations

Rather than just jumping on the bandwagon, I thought having a Facebook page would be a good way to encourage me to produce more work, to have a place to post up progress and get instant feedback, just like my Instagram. The difference being the Facebook page is going to be a good place to post up things that inspire me, and also my reference photos that I like to draw from and give me ideas, in the hope that this will help other people who are interested in the same stuff as me. It might also encourage me to make more tutorials like my RX Weathering Process post. 

See what you think anyway! 

Cheers ;)


Flamer Guy

This was a  really rough sketch that I decided to work up to a line drawing and then I just added a wash of colour - nothing fancy. I've been playing around with proportions a lot recently, I'm liking the whole top heavy thing. See below for the sketch and line drawing!


PG 1/60 RX 78-2

Finally got round to photographing this bad boy. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, though obviously there are a few things I would do differently next time. Ultimately what I wanted was a really unique PG RX 78-2, and I don't think there's anything else like this one out there. Although, as I mentioned when I started this thing, I was inspired to paint in this style by Sori Kim's RX, so there are some similarities there.

Anyway, hope you like what I've done with this iconic Mobile Suit. There's a few photos on a darker background as I think it shows some of the details better!


Weird Little Droid Thing

Another loosely worked up sketch. It's nothing in particular, I just like the way the shapes go together. I've got a few of these on the go, will post up more soon.



Quick sketch based on the shapes in that kitbash I did a while ago with all the tank parts. I've been struggling with ideas recently so it was good to go back and look at these models for inspiration. After all that's why I build them, but it's easy to forget when sitting down to draw.


1/144 Linebarrels Of Iron - Vardant [SANDSTONE]

This was a mental health build in between all my big projects! I bought this from FitchenFoo a couple of years ago and forgot all about it until recently. It took a couple of weeks on and off, I'm really pleased with the result. There are some mistakes due to me rushing a bit, but I'm really pleased with how the shading turned out. Post shading on a 1/144 this small was a challenge to say the least. 


PG 1/60 RX 78-2 Weathering Process

As requested, here's every step I took to achieve the weathering look for my RX 78-2. The weathering on the shield is a bit heavier than the rest of the kit, but I figured that the shield is what will be taking the heavy hits, hence the couple of big scratch marks I've put on it. Hopefully this is clear, I'll go into as much detail as I can, but if there are any questions just post them in the comments.

Without further ado...


PG 1/60 RX 78-2 WIP5

Nearly done! Next are the hands and the weapons. This is just a picture update really but the next and last WIP will be a tutorial on how I have painted this kit, as there have been some requests on here and over on Instagram. Go check out my Instagram by the way, it's @gavinmanners. That's where will my WIPS go as I do them, I'll consolidate them into posts when I get to a milestone. Enjoy!


Maquette Building 03

I managed to accumilate quite a lot of 1:72 tank kits from Revell. I think they were going cheap in Model Zone before it got shut down. I've been mocking up some shapes with all the different parts and this is the first thing I've come up with. More to follow! As I've mentioned before with Maquette Building, it's very satisfying and you can get results very quickly.


Out And About - Film Photography

This is my first stab at film photography on my Pentax P30t that I got on ebay for £20. It's really exciting waiting for the film to be developed! I'm really pleased with how they came out generally, although they're quite grainy which I don't understand because the film's ISO 100 which should be nice and smooth. Bad quality film? Also, taking photos of the sky with Black & White film seems to be generally pointless as I seem to be losing all the definition of the clouds etc. depending on the exposure. I think the next roll I'll focus more on portraits, especially with the 50mm lens I'm using. It's really fun though!

Runaround Sketch

A lunchtime sketch I did yesterday based on these big rideable driods that are described in the story 'Runaround' in iRobot. I think. I read it a while ago.


Ctrl+Create: CORE

I have just started a new thing with my good friend Tomas called Ctrl+Create. The blog isn't public yet but the aim is to produce work based on weekly themes with a focus on starting the piece through traditional mediums. So this is the first week, 'Core', and I've used a 3D underlay that I've hand drawn over and used different textures scanned in to overlay in Photoshop. I'm hoping this will help me loosen up a bit and start to do things less rigidly. I also want to start screen printing and selling them so that may come as a result of this. I'll link the website once it's got a good body of work on it, but I'll post the weekly work up here too.


PG 1/60 RX 78-2 WIP4

Slowly getting there. Just the arms and weapons to go now, and I need to streak and pigment the torso and head. Lots of cool stuff coming up, I just need to get round do finishing all these projects! I'm at a point in my life where I don't really know what I'm doing any more so creativity has taken a big hit recently. Got all these things I want to do but I've just got no motivation :( Anyway, here's some progress.


1/100 MG Kampfer Ver. Gav

Finally got round to photographing this. It's been finished for a while but I needed to buy a couple of lamps and some new backdrops (sheets of paper). So glad I did - really happy with the way the photos turned out! 

Not much to say about this - It's been going on a while! Custom built Halberd and Shield - inspired by Dark Souls, which is a game I was playing a lot at the time of this model's inception.



EDIT 01/06/14: I didn't win :(

This is a painting I did for a competition called Once upon A Time... In Space! over at CGMA. The idea was to take a classic fairytale and create a science fiction type scene. I chose Rapunzel because I knew it would be a challenge, and I wanted to create something quite dark and moody - so themes of captivity and isolation seemed to work well with that idea.



Took these last month. I love the fog! It presents some interesting photographic challenges, but I do think fog makes everything look really interesting. I especially like the train station images.


Sentinel Guard

Boom. Finally finished this. My computer has been in storage for three weeks, I've been itching to get back to this. There's a little progress after the jump.


Angry Man - ZBrush Practice

I'm not that great at ZBrush yet, I've only just started using it, but I have owned a copy for about 6 months and never got round to playing with it. It's such a fantastic bit of software, I find it much more intuitive than 3DS Max.

What I've done here is sculpted a really rough shape in ZBRush, which with my limited knowledge took around 30 mins. I then decimated it and took it into Keyshot to render out a couple of different materials to put together in Photoshop. I've used that as a base to paint over. I really like utilising 3D as a part of my workflow, it enables me to get ideas out really quickly without worrying if my perspective is off or whatever. 


Generic Drone (Getting Back Into 3D)

I've been getting back into 3D and started playing around with some parts I got from Vitaly Bulgarov (amazing concept designer and 3D Artist) and was really impressed at the speed which I could start mocking up concepts using these generic mechanical shapes. This is the first one, just the model, but I'm in the process of doing a photoshop paint over. Such a cool technique and a really nice fast way of realising my sketches and ideas, and giving a bit more reality to them.

Keyshot render with just a basic material and that HDRI that everyone uses to do robot Keyshot renders....


PG 1/60 RX 78-2 WIP3

Small update on the painting progress. Legs are nearly done. Some of the streaking needs tidying a bit, and I'll do some post shading on the whole kit assembled like this to tie parts together and add more depth. The feet will be muddy (they look a bit odd being so clean when everything's so rusty). Body is primed and awaiting paint, the arms will be tough so I'm going to tackle those last! Really pleased with the way this is turning out.


Mjolnir Unit

Another Friday night sketching session. This was done over a rough 3D underlay, so I could concentrate more on the design and less on getting the perspective right. There's an internal frame and separate armour panels!


1/60 PG RX 78-2 WIP2

Apologies for the shockingly bad photos, but progress on this has been so fast, I've only really been taking quick snapshots of where I'm at. The legs are nearly done, I need to finish the decals and Micro-Sol them, then do the panel lining and flat topcoat them ready for the chipping and rust streaks. So looking forward to that part!


Maquette Building 03 [Part 2]

Here are those proper photos. Found a nice place in my new shared house to set up a little photography studio, and I also managed to start airbrushing again today which was really nice after a 4 month hiatus!


Maquette Building 03

This one's kinda more of a kitbash, but I'll keep it under the same title! I had this old Revell 'Classic' kit kicking about that I had planned to use for spare parts with another kit, but the more I played around with it, the more I saw interesting shapes and possibilities in the parts. 

I know this whole 4 legged tank thing has been done before, but I really wanted to see what could be done with an old kit like this. I really like all the military parts, and the details they put into these types of kits. Really nice stuff. Anyway, apologies for the quality of the photos - I need to spray this and then take proper pictures for Photoshop painting.


Brighton Booth Museum

I went to the Booth Museum today. Apparently it's not called that because everything's in big glass booths... Experimenting with some different processing methods in Lightroom.


1/100 Garbaldy [Juggernaut] Scheme

Just finished up the scheme for this. Updates to follow.. the legs are cleaned and primed, just need to put down a base coat. I want to finish my Kampfer and my PG RX 78-2 first though. This will be with lots of decals of course! And I'll be weathering it in the same way as Luca does his kits, though maybe a little less battered. Stay tuned.

Grunt: Armoured Transportation Unit [Sketch]

Finished this in one evening. Felt good to just get the idea down! Based on a rough Sketch I did ages ago in my sketch book. In progress shots attached! I'll render it at some point.

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