1/60 PG RX 78-2 WIP2

Apologies for the shockingly bad photos, but progress on this has been so fast, I've only really been taking quick snapshots of where I'm at. The legs are nearly done, I need to finish the decals and Micro-Sol them, then do the panel lining and flat topcoat them ready for the chipping and rust streaks. So looking forward to that part!

For the internals I hand painted in these overly exaggerated metal chips, but then knock them right back with streaking grime/ rust and some post shading. I'm really pleased with the effect, but I was really worried that it wasn't going to come together at one point!

Post shading is Tamiya Smoke, which went on first time like a dream (unlike all the problems I had with my Strike, I guess I'm learning!) I got these excellent RG style decals from ebay, they fit the kit perfectly and you don't have to cut around them like you do with Samuel Decal. The shininess will obviously disappear when I flat coat the pieces. 

I used this sexy gold colour and the streaking dirt for the thrusters and for some of the internal parts.

Ignore the silvering on the decals in the above pictures, they're not Micro-Soled yet. I truly feel that this is my best work to date. I'm so excited about this project, can't wait to get the rest primed and painted. 

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