1/100 MG Sinanju

Finally... This is my first ever model, completed at long last! Started this in August last year! It's just taken so long to sort everything out, whilst learning to use an airbrush, learning about paint thinning, learning about the order in which you have to do things.


Devil's Dyke

Went to Devil's Dyke in Brighton last weekend, took some pictures. Looking at composition mostly, as it's not hard to get a nice looking photo of a sunset...!

Train Tracks

Took these on a misty morning in February this year, I like the parallel lines of the tracks and how the light reflects off them. I also like the depth that the mist creates... Again these are more of an experiment, I still don't really know how to take good photos confidently! Again all these are on Manual, I don't like the Auto setting on my camera.

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