Merry Christmas!

Bit of a short one!

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas! And also share the awesome present Hannah got me which I will have to push to somewhere near the top of the backlog queue just because it is so cool. I'd like to present my brand spanking new 1/100 MG Qubeley Mk2:


My Recent Acquisitions - 1/60 PG RX 78-2

This was half price (ish) on HLJ.com and I had to get it. I don't know why but I really love the design of this classic Gundam. I used to hate it but it's really grown on me - Mainly since I saw Sori Kim's version! His painting is just stunning and it really opened my eyes to what you can do with such a deceptively 'basic' looking model. I won't be using the same colour scheme but I really hope to replicate the weathering style.


My Recent Acquisitions - 1/100 Garbaldy

I've been a big fan of Kallamity's work for a while now, but his models have always been far out of my reach. Whether it was the limited availability or the high prices of the models, there was always a reason I couldn't get hold of one. I was browsing the website longingly, as I have a habit of doing, and I noticed that he only had 12 of the 2nd Run 1/100 Garbaldy's left. I originally wanted a Briegel as most people do, but the more I looked at it the more the Garbaldy grew on me. I didn't have the money at the time, so I emailed Luca to ask if he'd accept a deposit to secure one of the remaining models - it actually turns out he had 8 left, not 12, and he hadn't been able to update the website.


My Recent Acquisitions - 1/60 G-System Zaku II

Not being able to paint or model to any meaningful extent, I thought I'd have to put modelling aside for the foreseeable future until we found a place to live. But seem to keep acquiring models to add to my long list of things I can't wait to get to work on when I get a new modelling space. I'm pretty sick of looking at the boxes piled up in the corner of the room we're staying in, so I decided to get them all out and take some photos to show you guys what I'll be getting up to in the future.

The first of these models is my lovely G-System Zaku II that I won in the Mecha 2012 competition with my Sazabi.


Venice (Belated)

So we went to Venice for our honeymoon in August - Posting these a bit later but its been a bit manic since we got back! To be honest I thought I took more nice photos but I guess I was having too much fun to worry about taking photos. You should really go to Venice if you haven't been there, it's really lovely.


Heavy Armour Tank

Pretty happy with this on the whole - I may have tightened it up a bit too much but I was really pleased with the whole process and just how easy it was to paint. 

What I did was used an existing photo of a military armoured car, which I found on 3D Total's excellent free image library, and painted straight over it. It provided the initial shape and that first boost of inspiration that I needed to start drawing. It was also really helpful to pick the colours and light direction from this photo too. There are other photos I've taken myself mashed up in there, for example the internals under the main armour and the mechanics of the leg are all photos of engines and similar objects that I took at the Science Museum a while ago.

More on the way, now that I can't do any modelling...


I won Mecha 2012! / Taking a break

Didn't expect this to happen! 

The much anticipated results of the Mecha 2012 competition over at Mechalounge.com have been released. Yesterday Hannah and I took a break from cleaning to huddled around my phone whilst shuffling about in our old empty flat trying to find the spot with the best 3G signal. I've never heard her screech so loudly when they announced my entry as the winning entry for my category (Modified Plastic), and when the the link for mvm3897's best of show came up we where both speechless when he announced my entry as his favourite, and best of show! I've always been a massive fan of Matt's work and he's a real inspiration to me, so for him to pick my model as his favourite means a hell of a lot.

Here are the two videos, I urge you to watch the entire 17 minutes of the announcement video as the other winning entries are spectacular. Decay has also announced the winners on his site with photos, so that's well worth checking out

I just want to thank everyone at Mecha Lounge - The organisers of the competition, Kamm & Sneeper1980. All the other staff that helped organise and moderate the competition, like Harry, Hummingbird & Decay off the top of my head (sorry if I forgot anyone). Also the judges who took their time out to sort through all the hundreds of entries to pick the best ones, and finally all the awesome community members over at Mecha Lounge, it's seriously cool forum to be a part of at the moment. 

Secondly: I'll be taking a bit of a break from Gunpla for a few months. We're currently in temporary accommodation and all my modelling stuff is in storage until we find a proper place to live. I guess this will give me a chance to do some digital painting and photography.


Mecha 2012 - 1/100 MG Sazabi Ver. Gav [Project Hades] Completed

Holy Shit-Bananas. 

Well, here it is. The 1/100 MG Sazabi [Hades Pattern], my entry for Mecha 2012 over at the Mecha Lounge.

It almost didn't happen. I nearly gave up so many times when things just weren't going my way. One such instance about 5 weeks ago when I started painting - I used the wrong type of salt in the salt & hairspray technique and because I was in a rush I didn't test the salt on one piece first the entire paint job was completely covered in huge salty white splotches forcing me to strip the whole model and start again.


Strider Mech

A sketch I have been working on on my iPad. I finally got round to getting it on my computer today - cleaned and detailed in Photoshop, which took about an hour. This was a concept I quickly thought up for an entry into the Concept/ Scratch Build Category of the Mecha 2012 competition, though I never got the time to start building it. I've not been able to do a whole lot of drawing recently due to trying to finish my Sazabi in time, my all consuming job, and my impending wedding next month, but I'm very happy with how confident I'm becoming with shading and highlighting.

On another note - Sazabi is nearly done....... It will be done in time for the end of the competition this month, but I don't think I have the time to take in progress shots so the next time you see it will be the submission photos. Exciting! 


Mecha 2012 - 1/100 MG Sazabi Ver. Gav [Project Hades] WIP 5 (I've only gone and bloody finished it!)

Here's the finished build, all primed and ready for painting. Colour scheme to follow this week, really need to get cracking!


Mecha 2012 - 1/100 MG Sazabi Ver. Gav [Project Hades] WIP 4 (Ran out of primer...)

So these legs would be pretty much finished had I remembered to buy primer last week. It'l arrive at some point next week I imagine, so I suppose I'd better start detailing up the torso (the last part to do). Y'know, I may even finish this bugger before the deadline.

Mecha 2012 - 1/100 MG Sazabi Ver. Gav [Project Hades] WIP 3 (Big Gun)

Bit of a long one so I'll split into two posts - This one will be about the 'Dark Lance' that I was going on about in the first WIP post. I'm pretty pleased with my stroke of genius to use the shield to form the body of the weapon, as it fits in with the model really well. I had the shield left over as I knew this model would not be using it, and I was thinking for weeks about how I was going to build the massive weapon that this thing needed - it took a while to click but is seemed obvious once I started building. 


iPad Sketches 01

So I found it frustrating to have to sit in front of the computer to paint, so my progress has been a bit slow recently as I've been working a lot this year. But the iPad has allowed me to just whip it out and start sketching wherever I want, a real bonus when you have no time. I can imagine some people would say 'what's wrong with pen and paper', but this is really something else - being able to practice composition, colour and lighting and stuff not sat at a desk is really handy, I wouldn't have pushed myself to start landscape stuff if I didn't have the iPad.

Anyway, I started using Procreate for the ipad, it's £2.99 and has ZERO BRUSH LAG. Which is absolutely amazing, I can't work with brush lag.. The stock brushes are lovely, and the way it blends and stuff is really nice. It has layers and you can paint on a canvas up to 1920 pixels across, which is awesome on the retina display. It has no brightness and contrast etc. but you can get free Photoshop app that does that, you just have to export your picture as a jpeg. You can also import jpegs and paint on top of them, which is where the clouds come from in a couple of the images.


It's My Birthday - Arundel

I thought I'd mark the day - Here's some photos from Monday, Hannah and I went to Arundel with our day off - It was brilliant because there was no one there, which is a complete contrast to the weekend when it's packed with people and a bit rubbish. I don't use my camera enough really.


Mecha 2012 - 1/100 MG Sazabi Ver. Gav [Project Hades] WIP 2

It's been a crap couple of months in terms of finding time for Gunpla! I seriously don't think I'm going to get this build done in time for the deadline, bit I'm going to give it my best shot...


Animated Soldier - Scout Type

I've not been able to do much recently, with moving house and all - just getting back into the swing of things! Here's a quick painting I've been doing of an old sketch I did a while back (the old sketch is in the bottom right of the picture).

I'm pretty pleased with this, because although it's quite loose and sketchy I painted it straight in colour, which I actually prefer to starting out in grey scale I think. My other colour images I've been painting in greys and overlaying a colour gradient - I think painting straight in colour is a lot more satisfying. It took a lot less time than the other paintings I've done, too.

I've not progressed past characters on grey backgrounds yet, but I'll get there. There's a few more of these to come - he's part of a group of units: Heavy type, standard type, flying type etc. Sazbi update coming this weekend too!


Warhammer 40,000 - The Eyes Of The Emperor

So I found these on my computer the other day, I thought I'd post them up as I think they're still pretty cool. I don't paint miniatures anymore but I'm still quite fond of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Space Marine was a cool game and I still play Dawn of War 2! 

I did these when I was at university when I was 19 or 20 (I'm 25 at the moment). I sold them on ebay, so I don't actually own them anymore, but I'm still pretty pleased with the photos I have of them. This was back in the day when I didn't understand about topcoats and decal setter and things like that. They're all just generic 'Citadel' style hand painting & highlighting with ink washes. 

I made the chapter up, they're called The Eyes Of The Emperor. The idea is that they're the Emperor's all seeing vision and unrelenting judgement. Or something like that. I thought the 'globe eye' chapter symbol fitted in pretty well with that. 


Mecha 2012 - 1/100 MG Sazabi Ver. Gav [Project Hades] WIP 1

Here's some progress on my Mecha 2012 entry. For those of you who don't know, Mecha 2012 is an epic competition running over on the MAC Forums. Tonnes of epic prizes and the best in the world competing. I don't expect to win or anything, but it's a great opportunity to up my game, the competition is pushing me to try new things and really push the boat out. It's a great thing to be a part of, and if you havn't had a look yet, I suggest you check out some of the 300 entries, there's some cracking stuff going on over there.

There has been a distinct lack of progress from me this year. This is due to several things.. We lost our flat, so have been spending the last 6 weekends looking for a new one, which we thankfully have now found. I have also started a new job, which has been tiring me out. I gotta drive 100 miles a day to and from, so I haven't had time to do anything else whilst settling in. Oh, and in the new flat I've got a whole room for model making and painting, so I don't have to use the coffee table any more and might even be able to take some half decent WIP photos!

Anyway, back to my piece of crap entry! Starting off with the Sazabi, I decided I wanted it to be a long range heavy tank like mech, who towers over the battlefield dealing massive long range damage and having super heavy front armour to take all the punishment it will no doubt attract. I went with the theme 'Hades' as I see it being this big purple and black monster with a huuuge long range lance like cannon.

Shoreham Power Station

I live just a few miles away from Shoreham-By-Sea, I don't particularly like it as a town, but it has a couple of absolutely fantastic industrial sites that provide some great inspiration and reference for industrial sci-fi type stuff. My favourite one being the abandoned Cement Works, and the second being this, the power station. At least that's what I think it is. I hope to photograph the Cement Works at some point, maybe when it's a bit warmer, but it's a restricted site and it's really hard to get into. 

Anyway, here's the power station just before sunset. There are a few of the station itself, I was just trying different exposures and compositions.


1/100 MG Strike Rouge Progress

Small update with the Strike - I really wish I'd taken more in progress pics of the metallic internals as I'm dead happy with how it turned out. I love hand painting the details with Citadel metallics and the oil paint wash is so satisfying to do. 

So the internals are done, and I've done the white on the armour. Need to hand paint the Magenta, as Vallejo don't do a magenta this bright in their Model Air range. The Model Air colours produce a fantastic finish and they're pretty resistant to scratches even without top coating. The Vallejo spray can primer I'm using is also fantastic. It smells a lot more than Tamiya primer, but you get more for your money and it levels out brilliantly.


1/100 MG Double Zeta Progress

Sorry for the very sub-standard post. There is literally no good place to quickly and easily take nice WIP photos of my projects. At the moment I've got crappy under exposed blurry pictures because our flat is always dark and I don't have a proper desk to work at - what you see in all my WIP photos is our coffee table in the lounge, which is a lot of the time very difficult to work at.

Luckily (I say that lightly!) we've just been given two months notice to get out of our flat, so we have to find somewhere else to live. So we're taking the opportunity to upgrade in size so I can have a proper modelling desk and a permanent spray booth. At the moment I have to get my crappy booth out and set up all the ducting every time I want to do some spraying, so I don't get as much done in a week as I could if I had a proper work space.


2012 - The Plan

2011 was a pretty encouraging year. I won the European Gunpla Cup in the Straight Build Painted category over at the MAC Forums with my Sinanju, which was my first ever model, so that was pretty awesome. I've been getting some great feedback from the guys over there about my modelling work which is a real confidence boost. I've learned a hell of a lot with the models I've produced in 2011, but I know there's so many things I haven't tried and need to learn. I'm making two entries to the MAC forums 2012 Competition, which will really push me to step up my game and do stuff I've never done before.

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