My Recent Acquisitions - 1/60 PG RX 78-2

This was half price (ish) on HLJ.com and I had to get it. I don't know why but I really love the design of this classic Gundam. I used to hate it but it's really grown on me - Mainly since I saw Sori Kim's version! His painting is just stunning and it really opened my eyes to what you can do with such a deceptively 'basic' looking model. I won't be using the same colour scheme but I really hope to replicate the weathering style.

I'll probably do this before my PG Strike Freedom, as it's considerably less complicated and might allow me to get some PG practice in. I'm a bit annoyed about the PG SF to be honest, I got it when it first came out about two years ago and snap-fitted it and haven't touched it since - it's now about 10,000 Yen cheaper then when I bought it.. I don't think it's a very good seller! 

The internal frame is really nice and detailed but it then gets covered up with these really bland featureless armour panels - I intend to do something about that. Some of the panels open up to reveal the internals which is a really nice feature.

I think I may change the feet or sculpt new ones. I think they're my least favourite aspect of an otherwise really cool looking model - I think they are too wide and stubby!

On a separate note - My Sazabi got featured over at Gundam Independente! They're also running a contest there that is worth a look. I wish I could participate but I still have nowhere to paint. I have started building the Zaku though, so stay tuned....

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