1/60 G-System Zaku II: WIP 1

So I made a bit of a start on my Zaku.

It was a bit daunting at first but once I got into the swing of it it's actually really fun working out where to drill the holes and the best places to pin bits together. Trimming down all the parts and cleaning them up is a bit long winded but is very satisfying.

The main frustration with this resin kit is how many of the bits are warped out of shape - as you can see here on the lower leg panels. although the actual panels are beautifully designed and will look great when painted, there are lots of gaps where they don't fit together properly. I had to do a bit of the hot water bending technique with the inner frame but it's a bit more nerve racking on the actual panels in case I properly wreck the part.

The screws supplied seemed to be very specific lengths in the manual (the difference between the three types was only a couple of mm), but I found them to be too long and will require trimming down. They stick out too far at one end and you can't put the round caps on them to cover the metal.

There is also this odd mechanism with the joints which I imagine is supposed to keep them stiff under all the weight of the kit, but from what I can see they offer no movement at all. When I assemble the joint as the instructions indicate the spring compresses the two plastic 'cogs' together that they cannot move at all. Let me know if I'm doing it wrong, and if it is in fact a really clever joint mechanism!

The internal frame is nice and chunky. I'm looking forward to putting lots of detail into it - even though most of it's going to be covered up! 

I made this part of the inner frame and later discovered that the Zaku has an entirely different torso internal piece, so I've got this big lump of spare resin!

The torso is a bit big and seems out of proportion at the moment, but by the looks of it from the pictures of the finished kit in the box, the proportions all come together when it's finished.

This is where I am at the moment. Having moved flat (again! It's been a bad year for finding somewhere to live..) I've kind of forgotten about this and started back up on my Strike Rouge (photos soon). Looking at these WIPs for the first time in a couple of weeks I may get it out again and get it built, even if I don't have time/money to paint it at the moment. 

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