1/100 MG Strike Rouge Ver. Gav

I started this kit way back in 2011 before I started my Mecha 2012 entry  - so about a year and a half ago! Apparently I didn't bother sanding parts before that point because on my return to working on this kit the amount of imperfections, nicks, bumps and downright untidy parts I found was ridiculous. I did my best to clean it up but there are some parts of this kit I'm not really proud of.

Also, because I've had this one in progress for so long I think I may have rushed it a bit putting it together, and in some (luckily) unseen areas the paint has scratched off down to the plastic. Which is saying something about my poor sanding and I'm also going to blame the primer! 

I hope you can see it in the photos (I've been staring at this kit far too long and can no longer see it) but all the parts are post shaded with Tamiya Clear Smoke and on the darker parts I added a little Tamiya X-1 Black into the mix. Post shading is a bitch. I had so many problems going on too heavy and having to go back in with the white, but I'm pleased with the final result - my main aim was to not have it too strong.

Regardless, lots of lessons learnt and lots of wisdom I can take onto my next kit. Here are the rest of the pics, let me know what you think!

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