1/100 Garbaldy [Juggernaut] WIP1

I'm a bit daunted by the warping I need to fix on my Zaku so I stopped that for a bit. I'm supposed to be panel lining my Kampfer but I can't bring myself to do that yet, So I started my Garbaldy.

This kit is huge, I didn't realise it until I had it up to its full height. As you can see, there's an acrylic rod that I'm using to keep him upright because there's no way on earth this thing will stand up on its own without me gluing all the joints together! The torso and the backpack on their own weigh a tonne. It's got a great feel of quality to it and it's beautifully detailed but it is going to need some help standing up. The rod doesn't notice when the skirts are attached anyway.

I can't decide whether I'm going to have two rounded shoulders or use the huge shield on one arm. It' really heavy so I'm going to have to upgrade the pins I've currently got in the shoulders when I get the right drill size.

The arms are a bit wobbly, the rod I used to make the pins aren't the right diameter for the precast holes so I'll need to sort that out next. Getting to this stage was pretty speedy because there's these little notches everywhere to tell you where you need to drill holes so everything lines up nicely, which is a really nice touch. I'd say 90% of what I've done so far doesn't need to be redone. Getting the skirt symmetrical was a bit of a problem because all the parts interlock, but that's the only major thing I've cocked up so far.

The kit leans back a bit in these photos because of the weight, but I've since drilled a slightly angled hole in the base to tilt the rod forward so the whole thing sits a lot better.

Next is cleaning the mould release then I need to go back in and fill some parts and sand the whole kit down ready for priming. 

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